Den Briever Accommodation

Holiday Cottage

In the house you’ll find a cosy living room with open-sided kitchen providing modern comfort for 6 people. The dining room opens on to the patio and allows for a view of the country side. A covered terrace is another feature. There are two bedrooms, each with a double bed, with one extra sofa bed in one of the rooms. There are 2 showers and 2 toilets. From the house, you’ll enjoy the view of the green, fresh garden. You can eventually also rent the Hiker's Lodge together with the Holiday Cottage, for 2 persons.

Hiker’s Lodge

this cottage is for 2 persons and has a sleeping place, shower and washing table, separate toilet

Room for 40 people.

Things to keep in mind

Den Briever is located in Moerkerke, near the authentic Damme and the mundane Knokke. It is the ideal base for those who love peace and quiet. For the recreational cyclist and hiker, it is a beautiful area to spend time in just a few steps away from the Damme canal. In short, Den Briever is an excellent place where you can relax to your heart's content. You enjoy privacy and return completely relaxed at home after a delightful stay.

Brieversweg 70 - 8340 Moerkerke (Damme)
0478 44 83 60